Sample Preparation

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Your samples are important

We get it. A lot of work goes into collecting your samples. They may even be irreplaceable. You can't afford to let anything go wrong with your lyophilization, evaporation or concentration process. This ebook is a collection of knowledge from our experts on sample prep applications and equipment. 

What's Inside 

Articles, tips and illustrated guidance on all of these sample preparation topics.

  • Lyophilization, evaporation, or concentration - which is right for my samples?
  • Introduction to freeze drying
  • Evaporation solutions for all types of labs
  • 4 questions to consider before buying a lyophilizer
  • 4 factors to consider when selecting a concentrator
  • Freeze dryers at-a-glance
  • Centrifugal vacuum concentrators at-a-glance
  • How to design your freeze dry system
  • Need to know: CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrators
  • Many more expert tips and guidelines

Download the ebook full of our best sample prep application and equipment expertise. 

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